About FireFLIES

The Fireflies of Edmonton, are a northern Alberta-based group of 25 lampworkers dedicated to creating distinctive glass beads and objects.  Our group was established in 2004, and since this time has been involved in a number of annual sales and a gallery
shows at the Alberta Craft Council and McMullen Galleries.

As artists, we balance skill, vision and technique to craft fine jewelry creations. Members ensure that the beads sold at the sanctioned events and sales are of the highest craftsmanship and design originality. The beads are created from quality raw materials and care is taken at all stages of production with an understanding of the glass’ chemical properties. Buyers can be confident that all beads have been made with compatible glass, correctly annealed for strength and durability, that they do not contain cracks or flaws. Buyers should feel confident that their purchase of fine artisan—made lampwork beads and other glass objects will provide fulfilling and long-lasting
pleasure.  Members of our group participate in monthly meetings and contribute to the sharing of techniques and ongoing encouragement for the advancement of our beadmaking community and the art itself.


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